Studying at the University of La Rochelle
A University that is responsive to students needs, outward-looking
and situated in an outstanding environment.

Studying for a degree at the University of La Rochelle

A multi-disciplinary curriculum
The University of La Rochelle offers multi-disciplinary courses, organised in four fields from Licence through to Master and Doctorate.

The 3 cycle degree structure (European LMD system)

The LMD (BMD) consists of a study framework based on 3 cycles of qualification leading to a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree and a Doctoral degree.

Enrolling at the University of La Rochelle

The procedure for enrolling at the University varies depending on your aims and your personal situation, and whether you are here on an international exchange programme.

Studying in an exchange program

You would like to come to the University of La Rochelle as an exchange student ?


Learning French as a Foreign Language

The CUFLE organises classes corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Calendar of the Academic year

Courses, exams and holidays periods.


International student’s guide

Here is some useful Information to help you best prepare your stay at our University : budget, accommodation, health care, catering…