Calendar of the Academic year

The academic year begins in September and generally ends in June, although when there is a long placement or training period it may end in September.
Whatever the case, it ends on the 30 September of the year n+1.

The year comprises several holiday periods. The dates and duration can vary from one year to another:

  • the ‘All Saints’ holiday (end of October – beginning November);
  • the Christmas holiday (end of December – beginning January);
  • the spring holiday (April).

Courses are spread over two semesters of roughly 12 weeks. The 1st semester lasts from September to December and the 2nd semester lasts from January to June (or September).

Exams are based on continuous assessment, end of term exams or a combination of both. The end of term exams (or written exams) are taken at the end of each semester.

published on Tuesday 10 January 2012