Community outreach

The priorities of the University of La Rochelle are to support and promote students’ community outreach projects, and recognise their commitment to such projects through the award of credits.

Maison de l’étudiant

The “Maison de l’étudiant” constitutes a place where:

  • students can participate in the sporting activities, information and cultural events that are organised by the University,
  • student associations can develop their own activities : a room can be obtained at the beginning of each academic year,
  • students can find useful information on practical issues such as accommodation, urban transport, community outreach activities, the CROUS, the University, seasonal work.

Credit system for students who participate in community outreach activities

The University awards credits to students who participate in community outreach projects through a Unité d’Enseignement (UE).
3 types of activity are accredited as part of this UE in 2009-2010:

  • elected student representative,
  • involvement in an association (AFEV and Parler français),
  • community outreach project manager.
published on Wednesday 14 December 2011


Espace Culture

Tél. : 05 16 49 67 76

Maison de l’étudiant
Quartier BU/FLASH
3 passage Jacqueline de Romilly
17000 La Rochelle