Digital Services

Expertise in the new Information and Communication Technologies (I.C.T.) is a fundamental asset for the career development of students because companies rely more and more on these technologies for their economic expansion.

Therefore, the University of La Rochelle considers this aspect of technological innovation as a major factor for the professionalization of our students and has consequently placed I.C.T. at the heart of its development strategy, providing a Digital Work Environment (ENT/Environnement Numérique de Travail), the loan of laptops, C2i certification, WIFI connexions, etc.

These services have been recognised in France because in 2006, the University was ranked as the best French University in terms of the quality of its digital services.

Student Mailbox

As soon as they enrol, students at the University are given an IT account, with a user name and a password, which they can use to log on in total transparency from any computer in the University.

WiFi Equipment

WIFI connexions, which provide a wireless connexion to the internet, are excellent in our University thanks to WIFI terminals installed in all buildings on the campus (UFR and IUT).

IT self-service

In order to help students in their personal work, besides lending laptops, the University provides a large number of self-service PCs together with high quality assistance and back-up for the use of the University’s digital resources.

Computer loan

The University provides students with a free loan of laptops service.

IT for all

The University has a service known as “informatique d’usage” (Everyday Computing Skills) which was set up to train all students in Information and Communication Technologies (I.C.T.).
Its role is to coordinate all teaching at the University related to I.C.T. and in particular to prepare all “Licence” degree students for the C2i certification, which is fundamental nowadays for students’ career development.


C2i is a certification that attests skills acquired in Information Techniques and the Internet. The University of La Rochelle organises C2i level 1 certification for all Licence degree students through a course which is an integral part of the degree programme.

On-line Courses / TICEUR teaching platform / Moodle

As part of the University of La Rochelle’s pro-active approach to new technologies, it has developed a teaching platform that is integrated into its digital working environment (ENT) that allows students to access coursework online via the internet.

Digital Working Environment /Espace Numérique de Travail: ENT

A Digital Working Environment (DWE/ENT) is a point of access to the information system of teaching institutions.
The DWE allows all users at the University (students, academic, administrative and technical personnel) to access numerous resources and digital services of the University via the internet.

published on Wednesday 14 December 2011


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