Doctoral studies

A thesis is a university degree which constitutes a professional experience in research that is officially recognised by the title of doctor.
It is the level D in the LMD system. The degree is organised by the doctoral schools with which the research laboratories are associated.

The six doctoral schools

  • École Doctorale Sciences et Ingénierie en Matériaux, Mécanique, Énergétique et Aéronautique (SI-MMEA);
  • École Doctorale Sciences pour l’Environnement « Gay Lussac » (Science for the Environment) - University of La Rochelle, University of Poitiers, Université of Limoges;
  • École Doctorale Sciences et Ingénierie pour l’information (S2I) (Science and Engineering for Information) - University of Poitiers and University of La Rochelle;
  • École Doctorale Droit et Science Politique « Pierre Couvrat » (Derecho y Ciencias Políticas - Pierre Couvrat) (Law and Political Science) - University of Poitiers, University of La Rochelle, University of Angers, University of Mans and University of Limoges;
  • École Doctorale Lettres Pensées Arts et Histoire (LPAH)
  • École Doctorale Sociétés et Organisations (SORG) (Societies and Organisations) - University of La Rochelle, University of Poitiers and University of Limoges.

The organisation of doctoral studies

These doctoral schools help students to complete their thesis under the best possible conditions and to prepare them for finding a job after the thesis. They organise the recruitment of the doctoral students and the attribution of the financial support that they have been awarded. They also make sure that the students are given high quality supervision by the research teams and provide training courses that are useful for their research and in their future careers, together with courses that will broaden their scientific culture.

The doctoral schools also bring an international aspect to the student’s work, notably in the context of cooperation with international institutions, and in particular through the promotion of international joint doctoral degrees.

The cross disciplinary courses at the doctoral schools of the University of La Rochelle are organised by the college of doctoral schools, which is responsible for policies pertaining to all of the schools.

published on Monday 27 March 2017


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