International cooperation

The University of La Rochelle is actively engaged in a policy of international cooperation in research.

Euraxess The university laboratories participate in international projects, financed in particular by the FPRTD (Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development) of the European Union, but also by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ECOS programmes), etc.
These networks of laboratories, founded on scientific excellence, raise the profile and the exposure of the institution internationally. Each year, a dozen new projects are accepted and the University of La Rochelle provides help in preparing the application and with the project follow-up.

An example of a European FPRTD project:

The University of La Rochelle is host to foreign researchers in all the scientific fields covered by its laboratories. To finance these visits, the University may obtain funding from the local authorities and also has allocated specific funds to encourage this type of collaboration. It is setting up a Euraxess entry point to facilitate their stay here, providing help with administrative formalities (visa etc.), accommodation, language courses, documentation etc.

The University of La Rochelle also has a policy to encourage the development of joint doctoral degrees and the attribution of the European label for doctoral students. It encourages the participation in programmes that help to fund the mobility of doctoral and post-doctoral students (Marie Curie, Erasmus Mundus, Eiffel etc.).
Principal tools for international cooperation:

published on Wednesday 14 December 2011

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