Key figures (2011-2012)

Key dates

The University of La Rochelle was officially founded on the 20 January 1993.

Mathias Tranchant is the temporary administrator of the University until the next President’s elections of the University.

On the 1st of January 2009 the University was granted its autonomy. Under the reform introduced by the government, an autonomous university has increased powers over budgets, staff recruitment and pay, creation of posts and courses, and ownership of property and buildings.

The University is a member of the “Limousin Poitou-Charentes PRES” [Pole of Research and Higher Education] (decree of 1st July 2009) and launched its Development Office (Fondation Université de La Rochelle) in July 2009 in order to strengthen its ties with industry.

Key figures (2011-2011)


  • 3 Faculties, 1 IUT, 3 Institutes;
  • 7 604 students enrolled in graduate studies and continuing education courses;
  • 472 teachers and researchers, 376 library staff, engineers, administrative staff, technicians, operative level workers, 910 part-time staff;
  • A budget of 82 000 000 €.


  • 222 doctoral students;
  • 34 main fields: Physics, Civil Engineering, Industrial Process Equipment Engineering, Mathematics, Computing Science, Earth Science, Biology, Biotechnology, History, Geography, Law, Political Science…;
  • 6 doctoral schools, 9 government-approved research units, 4 research federations, 1 subsidiary devoted to the promotion and development of research (ULR Valor);
  • Budget 26 600 000 €.

Students and courses

  • 72 national degrees from DAEU to MASTER;
  • 11 university diplomas;


  • 13,3% international students;
  • 88 nationalities are represented on the campus;
  • 64 partner universities in 21 European countries in the context of the Socrates-Erasmus program.
published on Monday 15 February 2016