The University of La Rochelle has approximately 240 academic staff working in 10 research units. The new research policy places a strong emphasis on two clear priorities:

  • the pole “Environment and Sustainable Development” which regroups on campus expertise in the fields of Environmental Science, Engineering Science and Social and Human Sciences; this pole is accompanied and supported by the French research organisations CNRS and IFREMER and constitutes the bases of the university’s research policy;
  • the “Image and Calculation” axis, which involves a collaboration of the mathematicians and computer scientists in our university and represents the beginning of a strong collaboration with the universities of Poitiers and Limoges.

This reorganisation also aims to consolidate and reinforce the other fields of research based on two principal orientations:

  • provide coherence and improve the profile and exposure of the research carried out in the field of “Law and Management” by reinforcing its European dimension, in order to make it a development axis;
  • provide a more solid platform for the research carried out in the field of “History and Civilisations” through the creation of a new research unit in collaboration with the University of Nantes : the “Centre de Recherches en Histoire Internationale et Atlantique”(CRHIA or Research Centre in International and Atlantic History). This consolidation will also help ULR in its aim to reinforce its “Atlantic Coast” identity.

The University of La Rochelle has developed and improved its research project by modifying its organisation and redefining its objectives, the aim being to assert its ambitions on the national level while continuing to stress the importance of its regional roots.
The elaboration of this new project for University of La Rochelle, where research is the driving force, was developed in parallel with the preparation of the “Contrat de Projets Etat Région 2007-2013”, and in the context of the changes in France concerning Doctoral Schools.

published on Tuesday 26 July 2016


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