Sports Activities

Team sports, racket sports, contact sports, individual sports, open air sports…

70% of students in France would like to do sport, according to the “Observatoire National de la Vie Etudiante” (National Commission for Monitoring Student Life).

The University of La Rochelle has chosen to be a relay for this strong demand, recognising that exercise contributes to a good physical and psychological well-being and combats the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Sport enables us to test our limits and to measure ourselves against others. It is a source of individual and collective emotions and improves our knowledge of ourselves and of others. It gives students the chance to build a personal project and to participate in a team project which provides grounding and markers. It can thus be an efficient tool to combat situations of isolation by giving a feeling of belonging.

The University of La Rochelle has invested the resources necessary to provide a large panel of activities in an effort to encourage students to take up sport and physical exercise and has succeeded in attracting more than 1 student out of two.

Among the activities available there are team sports (basketball, football, rugby, etc.), racket sports (badminton, tennis, squash, etc.), contact sports (aikido, judo, taekwondo, etc.), individual sports (athletics, mountain climbing, golf, swimming, etc.), open air sports (Coastal and Offshore Rowing, Equestrianism, Mountain Biking, Sailing, etc.), fitness activities (aquaerobics, aerobics, stretching, etc.), together with the organisation of numerous sports events!

published on Wednesday 11 January 2012


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