Studying in an exchange program

You would like to come to the University of La Rochelle as an exchange student ?

Exchange students must be enrolled as students at a foreign university that has an exchange agreement with the University of La Rochelle.

Exchange students are considered to be studying for a degree at their home university and will not be entitled to the award of a degree by the University of La Rochelle.

Application process

Applicants must be nominated by the International Office of their university before sending those documents to :

Application deadlines

Selected students must submit their application forms before :

  • March 28th for Fall/1st semester (arrival in September)
  • October 11th for Spring/2nd semester (arrival in January)

Courses in French

University Centre for French as a Foreign Language (CUFLE) organises courses to help international students improve their French. Exchange students enrolled at the University of La Rochelle are entitled to 6 hours of French classes per week (6 ECTS per semester).

Courses in English

Most of courses offered by University of La Rochelle are IN FRENCH.
Courses in English at the Faculty of Languages and Human Sciences
Courses in English at the Faculty of Sciences an Technologies

General information

Students selected by the University of La Rochelle receive :

  • International student’s guide
  • documents necessary to obtain a visa (if required)
  • help in finding accommodation when available (non-European students are priority)
  • CUFLE application form, which must be completed and sent back to
  • useful information
  • contact details of a University of La Rochelle student who will help with preparations for their arrival and their stay in France (Buddy Programme)

University calendar

French university calendar is divided into two semesters :

  • September – December
  • January – June

Holidays :

  • All saints (end of October)
  • Christmas (end of December)
  • Winter (February)
  • Spring (April)
published on Friday 27 October 2017