University Library

The library is a central part of university life, a place to study, carry out research and improve one’s general knowledge, and which is open to the public.


  • Reading rooms (950 places),
  • Specialised areas:
    • Centre Inter-pôles d’Enseignement des Langues (Languages for Special Purposes Centre),
    • Research area,
    • Multimedi@ area,
    • Group work rooms,
    • Press desk,
    • Teaching rooms,
    • Exhibition hall,
    • Coffee corner.

The Collections

The collections have been built up in parallel with the fields of teaching and research that have been developed at the university, and are for the most part open access:

  • 100 000 printed books,
  • 30 general and specialised databases (including 15 000 electronic periodicals,
  • 2000 digital books,
  • Journals and reviews,
  • DVD (documentaries and fiction),
  • Audio-cassettes and CD-ROMs for language learning,
  • 300 foreign television channels.

Access to the collections

Consulting printed documents in-house: open and free of charge.
Documents may be borrowed under certain conditions.

Electronic documentation

Bibliographical databases, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, electronic books, newspapers and magazines, specialised reviews, etc., are available on line in most cases through the “Environnement Numérique de Travail” (digital work environment), either in-house or off campus.

Inter-Library loans (Prêt entre Bibliothèque - PEB)

A paying service by which the university library can obtain documents that it doesn’t have from another library.

Centre Inter-pôles d’enseignement des langues (CIEL) - Languages for Special Purposes Centre

The Centre provides many different kinds of learning and self-learning tools to help and encourage the study of foreign languages and literature.

Other services

  • Bibliographic information in the library or by remote access;
  • Courses for students in university methodology and documentary research;
  • Access to the University’s Wi-Fi network;
  • Computers available to the public (authentication provides access to the Internet, electronic documentation, office software, printers);
  • Portable computers which can be borrowed free of charge.

Practical Information

Registration is open all year and requires the presentation of a valid student or personnel ID card issued by the University of La Rochelle. The library registration fees are paid by students when they enrol at the university.

The university library is open all year except for a four week period in July-August.

published on Friday 2 December 2011


Bibliothèque universitaire

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