Resource center for academic counseling

The Resource Centre for Academic Counselling is a place where you can find lots of things to help you in your life at the university and prepare the future: Documents, Courses, information about jobs … We can help you to find an internship and a job.

La Rochelle Université’s Resource Centre for Academic Counselling has a wealth of information and tools to help you choose your career :

Academic Counselling

  • Courses at La Rochelle Université
  • Courses at other French Universities
  • Courses at Higher Education Schools
  • Software for Academic Counselling


  • 13 computer stations
  • Tablets available
  • Photocopier/ Printer
  • Co-working Space


  • Documentation on Professions
  • Job Description
  • Monography and Methodology Guide
  • DVD on Jobs


  • Company Directory
  • Internships availablein France or in Foreign countries
  • Methodology guide
  • Databaseof companies


Area where you can work and share a coffee at the same time


  • Practical Guidance
  • Regulatory Texts
  • Sites consulted


Every month, one sector is highlighted with professionals describing their work and job descriptions.