Sandwich Courses

La Rochelle University offers Sandwich Courses. Whether it be an apprenticeship or a Professional Contract, a Sandwich Course is a good opportunity to combine theory and work experience.

What is a Sandwich Course?

A Sandwich Course combines theoretical courses at the University and periods of work in a firm. You are an employee and a student, which is a great asset for your future career.

Study in a sandwich course at La Rochelle Université !

More than 30 degree courses, from Bachelor to Master’s degree, are available at the University. Many fields offer this type of degree:

  • Digital technology
  • Sustainable Building
  • Eco-Industry
  • Environmental Science
  • Tourism, Hotel and Leisure Industry
  • Biotechnology, Food processing
  • Languages, Audiovisual
  • Culture
  • Management, Law
  • Industrial Physics
  • Optics

What are the two typesof Sandwich Course ?

Both contracts have the same objective but specific terms and conditions.


This is a fixed-term contract. It allows students to prepare a vocational degree.

For whom ?

  • Young people between 16 and 30
  • People recognised as disabledworkers (no age limit)
  • People with a creativeproject or who are taking over a business

Professional Contract

What is a Professional Contract ?

The main objective is finding work. It must be for a specific duration, either as a fixed-term contract or a permanent contract.

Who can have a Professional Contract ?

  • Young people from 16 to 25
  • Job seekers who are over 26
  • A personwho is on State benefit :“Revenue de Solidarité Active” (RSA), “Allocation Spécifique de Solidarité (AAS), “Allocation AdultHandicapé” (AAH), or a “Contrat Unique d’Insertion” (CUI)

Sandwich Course : the Advantages for students and firms

Advantages for students :

  • Facilitate entry into the job market with professional experience
  • Employment status with a wage throughout the course until graduation.
  • Put into practice the theories learned at University.
  • Define and develop your career plan
  • Create and develop your professional network

Advantages for firms :

  • Develop new projects and reinforce the team
  • Recruit with the aim of teaching an occupation
  • Finance the cost of training with the “Organisme Partenaire Collecteur Agrée” (OPCA) or the Apprentice Tax
  • Benefit from Assistance, Regional allowances,or tax credits for the sandwich course
  • A student-Apprentice is not included in the workforce of the firm for fiscal purposes









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