University Project 2018-2021

On 12 March 2018 La Rochelle University voted to approve its project for 2018-2021. Its ambition is, on the one hand, to be a university of excellence, attractive and anchored in its territory, and on the other hand to respect it public service mission, based in particular on the success of our students.

A competitive and distinctive university

With 8820 students,La Rochelle Université is a small academic institution, an institution that is also a small community. Convinced that we have serious assets that will help us better respond to the major societal challenges of the 21st century, we intend to lead an ambitious transformation project and experiment with schemes that can be applied and / or transferred to other French higher education institutions with whom we share various characteristics. As such, we claim the status of “prototype” for a new generation of university.

University centred on the Smart Sustainable Urban Coast (LUDI)

La Rochelle Université wishes to develop a university “signature” driven, positioned, known and recognized at the highest national and international level, in training and research, combining disciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, around the great societal challenge which many nations are facing: the “Smart Sustainable Urban Coast”. It is also about making our University a major player in regional economic development, and building on the intellectual power of our students and scientists.

La Rochelle Université is supported in this both by local stakeholders such as the New Aquitaine Region and the La Rochelle Conurbation Council, and by national stakeholders such as the CNRS and major groups (e.g. EDF, ENGIE) with whom it has entered into structured partnership agreements.

4 Strategic Axis as Development Levers

Our project takes full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation and the energy and environmental transitions of society.

The latter initiates a process of mutation based on four major levers that will operate in a combined way:

  • Specialization in research using a multidisciplinary approach, to become the university in France (or even the world) which is the reference and centre of excellence for the Intelligent Sustainable Urban Coast
  • Transformation of the teaching programmes from the start of the 2018 academic year to improve students career prospects through high-level teaching, to meet the challenges of welcoming and teaching to an increasingly diverse public (in particular lifelong learning), setting up customized courses adapted to the students’ profiles,
  • Support for innovation with a structured contribution to socio-economic development, through a system called CampusInnov, which will provide an environment where innovation can emerge, together with entrepreneurship
  • Experimentation of a Smart Campus project that builds on its own teaching / research / innovation environment to build an intelligent, sustainable and responsible campus by 2050. Document to download

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