Tools and resources

La Rochelle Université offers you support tailored to your needs, with a wide range of tools at your disposal and people who listen to you.


The Career Center

The Career Center is a platform to help you find an internship, a job or a work-study programme. It provides advice sheets, a blog and videos to help you in your search.

Digital services

From anywhere, stay connected to La Rochelle University thanks to the Digital Working Environment (ENT) and the services offered: email, collaborative tools, online courses, etc.

The catalogue of courses, the padlets and the post-baccalaureate guide provide you with all the practical information you need to find your way around, choose a course and receive support in building your career plan.

On Moodle, you will find the study regulations to find out how your studies are organised, what your rights and duties are…


The Resource Centre

This is a freely accessible space, with documentation on training, orientation and the various professions. A librarian is on hand to advise you and help you in your search for information.

The university library

A common university service, the university library is a complete resource centre with free access: books, newspapers and magazines, DVDs, online documentation, language methods (to be borrowed or consulted on site). This space offers the opportunity to work on site (group or individual work rooms) as well as the possibility to use fixed computers or to borrow laptops. A team of professionals will assist you according to your needs.

Resource persons at your disposal for your success!

If you have any questions about administrative procedures (applications, enrolments, absences, timetables, choice of minors, etc.) you can contact your school or the student life service.

For any difficulties of a pedagogical or organisational nature, please contact your teachers or those in charge of pedagogy.

Finally, the team at the Guidance and Integration Department will guide and inform you throughout your course of study: help with decision-making, motivation, self-knowledge, further studies, help with integration, etc.