Supporting innovation

The university adopts a voluntarist policy in terms of innovation and relations with the social and economic world. 


La Rochelle Université has established itself as a key actor in the development of its region, in particular through the dynamic created by its policy of innovation, socio-economic development and entrepreneurship (IDSE). Stemming from the region’s specific characteristics and shaped in collaboration with social and economic actors, this policy takes into account local specificities to help define research, training and innovation programmes in line with the issues encountered. 

The dialogue is therefore based on complementarity and mutual benefits for the local area, as illustrated by the La Rochelle Zero Carbon Territory project, which is part of the PIA 3 “Territories of Innovation” programme. 

As part of the urban dynamic, the university is also pursuing a policy of cooperation with the main local authorities. La Rochelle Université signed comprehensive conventions (teaching, research, innovation, student life) with the conurbation authorities of La Rochelle and Niort, as well as with the federation of municipalities of Aunis Atlantique. 

The “CampusInnov” dynamic 

Drawing on the research expertise of La Rochelle Université laboratories, CampusInnov aims to become a centre of excellence for technological co-innovation. The CampusInnov building, which is scheduled to open in 2025, will be a true scientific third space, harbouring innovation and entrepreneurship projects that will intensify the link between research and the social and economic world. 

CampusInnov aims to support and accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship through collaboration between students, university researchers and economic actors (companies, clusters, local authorities). The goal is to harness the tremendous potential for creativity and innovation that lies within our university community. 

The CampusInnov project focuses on two aspects: 

  • The introduction of measures and a range of services designed to support the emergence, management and development of innovation and entrepreneurship projects. 
  • The supply of open, shared spaces as part of professional support to help research come to fruition or to encourage the emergence of innovation projects and the development of student entrepreneurial projects. 

Pathway coordinators to better identify what La Rochelle Université has to offer to companies 

The university has thought out and developed its relations with the economic actors of its territory according to the logic of thematic sectors, in order to make its training offer more readable. Represented by specialised contact persons, these social and economic sectors provide coherent skill sets, in terms of initial and lifelong training and research, from which the social and economic actors can draw resources, whether in terms of recruitment, innovation or training. 

Six pathways have been identified, offering a range of training and research expertise. 

The development of Lifelong Learning 

The Department for Lifelong Learning develops customised training courses, co-constructed with companies and local actors, and in direct response to their needs. 

As part of its training offer, La Rochelle Université offers Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE), 11 University Diplomas (DU), one Access to University Degree (DAEU) as well as two certifications. The Department for Lifelong Learning has received the “La Formation Continue à l’Université” quality service certification in 2018. 

Degree Apprenticeships: our students are already professionals 

Every year, La Rochelle Université offers new apprenticeship programmes. These respond to the wishes of both students and employers, providing a coherent range of courses that are in tune with the local economic base. Today, more than 600 students have signed apprenticeship or professional training contracts. More than 30 apprenticeship programmes are offered, covering more than 10 business sectors: environment, digital, construction, industry, etc. 

 A Foundation working alongside the university and businesses 

 Created in July 2009, the La Rochelle Université Foundation aims to support the development and influence of the university, in particular through partnerships and projects with social and economic actors. This mission is carried out in particular within the strategic axis of the university’s development around the theme of the Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability (LUDI), by coordinating the local and European levels. 

 The La Rochelle Université Foundation’s initiatives are focused on five priority areas: 

  • Student solidarity; 
  • Support for corporate patrons and the implementation of partnerships between the university and local institutional and economic actors; 
  • Dissemination of scientific culture and raising awareness of social and environmental issues, particularly in coastal areas; 
  • Support for research, innovation and training; 
  • Prospective.

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