University Library

La Rochelle University library is open to all students, teachers and staff. In a pleasant and studious setting, this friendly space is a place of study, research and culture appreciated by the university community.

Specialised Spaces

The University Library at La Rochelle University has more than 900 places for on-site study, as well as group work rooms and a resource center for language learning called “Mezzanine des Langues”.

Services for all

Services adapted to everyone
The available documents (paper or digital) enrich the courses taught at the University. Students can also use desktop computers or borrow laptops for up to 8 days. A team of professionals is there to answer any questions.

Documentary Resources

The University Library gives access to many documents (books, newspapers and magazines, DVDs, online documents, language-learning methods etc.) whether to borrow or consult on site. All the books are referenced in the catalogs.

A library open 60h per week

The University Library has recently extended its opening hours to meet the needs of its users. Find all the practical information (opening hours, contact etc.) and help for the use of documentary tools.

A website for your needs

Get all the news, collections,practical information and services provided on the University Library website

Students of the University

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