History of La Rochelle Université

In 2018, the University of La Rochelle celebrated its 25th birthday. Discover the history of La Rochelle University.

History of La Rochelle University

1968 :

Decree n°68-483 of the 27 May 1968 establishes the University Technological Institute of La Rochelle (IUT)

1974 :

Opening of a branch of the Law Faculty

80 ’s :

Development of programmesand infrastructure in La Rochelle under the impetus of local politicians

80’s-90’s :

“Plan Universités 2000”:A real opportunity for La Rochelle to become a university town

November 1990 :

Publication of a Regional Planning and Higher Education Development Scheme (Recteur Greffe) which concluded that there was a necessity to create a second university.

1991 :

The Inter-Ministerial Committee  for Regional Planning and Development approvesthe creation of the University of La Rochelle

12 January 1992 :

Bernard Bobe appointed (as what?) by the Ministry of National Education, Francis Allard for research, Jean-Claude Mercier for training and teaching and François Letellier for student life.

22 May 1992 :

Laying of the symbolic foundation stone of the University of La Rochelle with François Mitterrand (President of the French Republic), Helmut Kohl (Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany), Jean Michel Crépeau (MP-Mayor of La Rochelle), François Blaziot (Chairman of the Departmental Council of Charente-Maritime) and Jean-Pierre Raffarin (President of the Regional Council of Poitou-Charente).

Growth and Consolidation

20 January 1993 :

Decree founding the University of La Rochelle

25 June 1993 :

Nomination by order of Yves Pimontas Provisional Administrator of the University of La Rochelle. From 1993 until May 1998, the University of La Rochelle operatesunder the specialstatus of the law of 1984.

First semester 1998 :

Election of the 1stPresident of the University: Christian Eskenazi

September 1998 :

The University of La Rochelle becomes a legally-recognised entity

May 2003 :

Election of the 2ndPresident of the University: Michel Pouyllau

21 April 2008 :

Election of the 3rdPresident of the University: Gérard Blanchard

1stJanuary 2009 :

The ”Liberté et Responsabilités” Law enlarges the responsibilities and competences of the University.

16 April 2012 :

Re-election of Gerard Blanchard as President of the University

16 February 2016 :

A Provisional Administration is led by Mathias Tranchant until new elections

April 2016 :

Election of the 4thand current President of the University : Jean-Marc Ogier