Public – Private laboratories

Research at La Rochelle Université also results in structured partnerships with companies through mutual laboratories


4evlab : Energy and Environmental Efficiency of the Envelope and Cities

LaSIE (La Rochelle Université-CNRS) and EDF R&D

Contact : Christian Inard


Public - Private laboratories 2

RUPEE lab : Research Laboratory for Sustainable Building

LaSIE (La Rochelle Université-CNRS) and Tipee SAS, technological platform in which La Rochelle University is a shareholder.

Contact : Emmanuel Bozonnet


SAIL : Sequential Art Image Laboratory

L3i (La Rochelle Université) and Actialuna SAS

Innovation related to the exploitation and promotion of digital comics. Joint laboratory funded by the French National Agency for Research.

Contact : Jean-Christophe Burie


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IDEAS : International Document Engineering, Analysis and Security Lab

L3i (La Rochelle Université) and YooZ

Joint laboratory funded by the French National Agency for Research

Contact : Mickaël Coustaty


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