The university is commited

The university is committed to equality for all: the institution wants to see this fundamental right applied in all aspects of university life.

A vice-president of equality at La Rochelle Université

La Rochelle Université affirms its will to make known and to reinforce its policy of equality between all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, culture or religion. The elements implemented concern students, all staff members, researchers, as well as governance and teaching and research activities.

In this context, since 2021, the University has had a vice-president for quality of life at work and equality and a multi-year action plan for professional equality between women and men, presenting the main lines of the institution’s equality policy.

The University promotes a culture of equality

The promotion of a culture of equality for the entire university population is at the heart of the University’s equality policy. This is illustrated through various actions:

  • Generalization of epicene writing in official texts and documents, job descriptions…
  • Federating events around equality
  • Student tutorial projects to raise awareness among the student community, but also among staff
  • Strengthening of the network with local actors to carry out cross-cutting and coherent actions. The first co-development group on equality in the area of La Rochelle (EgaliTerR) was inaugurated at the initiative of the University with all the partners on June 9, 2022.

These numerous partnerships have made it possible, among other things, to strengthen the mechanisms for reporting sexist and sexual violence or discrimination, in addition to the listening and support services already available at the University.

The University promotes gender diversity in its programs

In order to allow students to choose their training without any gender stereotypes, La Rochelle Université has made equality the central theme of its policy towards mixed training. The “Cordées de la Réussite”, the long immersion programs, the “Cordées de l’entreprenariat”, among others, awaken our future students to professions that are free of gender stereotypes.

The University raises awareness and trains its staff

Since 2022, the University has been committed to placing equality at the center of the 2022-2025 staff training plan. A series of training courses will be offered to them starting in October 2022 on a variety of topics:

  • Listening to victims
  • Awareness of gender-based violence and discrimination
  • The fight against gender bias in the recruitment of BIATSS and teaching staff
  • Training of a specific listening relay for personnel.

The University committed to its territory

In the years to come, La Rochelle Université wishes to integrate its egalitarian policy into the wider region of La Rochelle. To this end, it intends to develop partnerships with players in the educational and professional world, particularly in the fight against gender stereotypes, the promotion of mixed training and inclusion.


A listening and support relay in case of suspected harassment, discrimination, violence encountered by a student was set up in 2018. An email contact allows victims to be listened to, accompanied and protected. It also allows witnesses to report intolerable behavior to the University after informing the person in trouble. Professionals are able to handle the requests that arrive.

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