Since its creation in 1993, La Rochelle University has experienced a strong development of its research activity: it constitutes a considerable pool of experts for the region! Counting on its many assets, today it is known for its highly distinctive and unique research within the national landscape.

The quest for excellence in research on the Smart & Sustainable Urban Coastal Environment.

Xavier Feaugas VP Recherche La Rochelle

The University of La Rochelle is known and recognized nationally and internationally, for its development of high-level research employing disciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches. This research is focussed on a “signature” that is a response to the societal challenges of environmental transition, energy transition, and digital transformation. La Rochelle University promotes complementarity and interdisciplinarity around these major societal challenges, while reinforcing its scientific excellence in disciplinary fields for which it is recognized through the excellent work of its laboratories. The University has developed its high-level expertise in various disciplinary fields concerning the environment, digital technology, engineering and the humanities.

This rich and distinctive research has led La Rochelle University to cultivate a regional approach, while promoting its expertise internationally. The accreditation by the CNRS of three laboratories and three research federations as well as a mixed unit, the presence of six observatories and more recently the creation of a CNRS-EDF joint laboratory are a genuine expression of this dynamic. We owe this shared success to our researchers, teacher-researchers and all our support staff. The work of our PhD students has a central role in this and contributes to the quality of our research and its outreach. It is up to us, researchers, to pass on our passion to them. “

Xavier Faugeas, VicePresident Research