Student electronic mail service

La Rochelle University has an information system that includes a messaging service that you can use throughout your stay at the university.

Student Electronic Mail Service

Each student has a personalized email account that is valid for the duration of the degree and for several years after.

Student messaging is the communication channel used in all exchanges with our educational teams and the administration.

How to use your student email ?

You have an e-mail account and an e-mail address at La Rochelle University for the duration of your degree.

Access to this account requires the login and password which were given to you when you enrolled and that you use with the other online services at the University.

Your correspondents will be able to use your short address ( or your long address, generally of the

How to manage subscriptions to different mailing lists ?

By default you are subscribed to the institutional mailing list. This is an official channel of communication between you and the University from which you cannot unsubscribe.

However, if you want to subscribe to a particular list (sandwich course, entrepreneurship, university library, culture etc.) to avoid missing any news, register now.

Find online technical help for your first steps or to better understand how messaging works.