A word from the President

“La Rochelle Université, which was born out of a proactive initiative led by Michel Crépeau, has set out on a distinctive path ever since it was founded in 1993.

Twenty-five years later, as the university landscape reshapes itself, we continue to offer an original proposition, based on strong identity and bold projects, in a human-scale institution set in an exceptional location.

Today, the La Rochelle Université brand is associated with high-level research, which tends to focus on the distinctive societal challenge of Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability, and with student-centred teaching quality.

Based on a multi-disciplinary foundation, our dynamism in research has enabled us to set up six of our own research units and three joint research units recognised by the CNRS, and to establish a position of national and international excellence in environmental, energy and digital transitions. We developed a rich experience in multidisciplinary research, which enables us to actively contribute to the resolution of some of the major societal issues of the 21st century.

In education, we pay particular attention to student success. We are committed to a pedagogical transformation that has been certified by the New University Curricula (NCU) part of the Investment for the Future Programme (PIA), and our courses offer personalised pathways, with support for students in their training and career plans. The courses are designed to combine a solid academic education with the development of professional skills and an open-minded approach to building citizenship.

At La Rochelle Université, we are particularly aware of our connection to the local community, and we are orchestrating a dynamic innovation programme called CampusInnov, which draws on the tremendous intellectual potential of the teaching and student body. Innovation is thus designed to permeate the whole of the University, in interaction with its socio-economic partners.

Finally, as part of our Smart Campus project, we are preparing for 2050 and working on the campus of the future, to meet the major challenges of climate, ecology and digital technology. Around a campus that is becoming a “living lab”, we are rallying students and employees to create a campus that is low-carbon, connected, responsible, intelligent and integrated into a smart city.

Jean-Marc Ogier, President of La Rochelle Université

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