Smart Campus

A real laboratory in a smart city.

A University in motion

A social challenge for the XXI century

La Rochelle Université has developed an ambitious and collective project around the “sustainable coastal city”. It reaffirms its purpose with a specialisation in research, the transformation of its degree programmes and a dynamic of innovation with its socioeconomic partners.

Smart Campus

The Smart Campus project, like smart cities, aims to be an anticipatory projection of the construction of an intelligent university campus, able to autonomously adapt its operations and its missions to face the major issues in climate, ecology and digital technology.

A Campus 2050

A low-carbon sustainable, digital, responsible, smart, connected, integrated campus in a smart city. The academic and student potential will benefit the campus through the results of our research and use the campus as a field in which to validate transferable experiments.

Building together a smart campus in a smart city

Importance for the University and its partners

Building an exemplary campus in the city is important because it brings added value and contributes to the reputation of the region (co-construction of citizen, sport, cultural and technical projects).

Establish the University as a field for experimentation

  • Identify the university as a place of talent and experts
  • Establish a shared system to enhance campus data
  • Leverage the skills of researchers for decision-making processes : housing and transportation planning, intelligent control of energy and buildings, and optimization of mobility

University users and staff contribute as responsible users

  • Promote the social, solidarity, cultural and environmental commitment of the campus user,
  • Raise awareness among the employees of their impact on the environment (carbon footprint, consumption, waste)
  • Develop a carpool and responsible

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