Learn a foreign language outside the classroom

It is often said that a language cannot be taught, it has to be learned! Millions of people who acquire one, two or three languages without ever taking a course prove that there is truth in this joke. It is by listening to the radio, watching movies, sketches and reports, reading, talking with others about topics that interest us that we acquire an essential element of a language. Where can you find resources and opportunities for conversations? At the BU and the CIEL Resource Center (the Mezzanine des Langues).

There are many ways to learn a language

La Mezzanine des Langues : a studious and relaxed atmosphere

Immerse yourself in the most diverse linguistic and cultural worlds, benefit from the presence of foreign students learning French to help them and help yourself, watch films and series in VO … in a friendly atmosphere while staying focused on your studies. Student tutors and the CIEL team will be delightedto help you.

TANDEM for language learning – I help you to learn my language and you help me to learn yours

Tandem is a great way to progress in a short time. The principle is simple: two people speaking a different mother tongue help each other to learn the language of the other. Every year at the beginning of the academic year, you can register with the CIEL – either during an informal get-together or through the Moodle platform. You indicate your mother tongue, the language you want to learn, your interests, how you can be contacted…

Conversation workshop

In small groups, with native students (English, Spanish, German), you can meet up to speak, discuss, and share your experiences. You can sign-up at the” Mezzanine des Langues”, just ask the person in charge of the “Espaces Langues”.

Printemps des poetes

Mastering a language is more than just knowing how to go shopping, writing business letters, giving a scientific presentation … understanding and savoring what people produce as aesthetic works is a powerful engine of learning. Beauty and pleasure are not a luxury – even in learning a language. The BU and the CIEL have been organizing activities for several years as part of the “Printemps des Poètes” (Poets Spring) : you will have the opportunity to share some very beautiful moments of poetry – musical entertainment live and on video, snacks and drinks included…

Theme Tables

There will be many activities and cultural initiatives throughout your student life. The Mezzanine des Langues organises debates to improve your knowledgeof foreign languages, with many different themes: cinema, the workplace, science, world culture, sport ….

Festive and cultural events

Language Festival and World Culture

At the beginning of each academic year the CIEL, in cooperation with the University Library, the International Office, The University Centre for French as a Foreign language (CUFLE) and the CROUS, organises a multilingual and multicultural party : a language quiz, dancing, a festive meal, music and people from all over the world : all the ingredients are there to have a good time. You can also sign up for Tandem Language.

Escales documentairesfestival

In cooperation with the documentary film festival, teachers from the CIEL invite their students to this international event, with debates, conferences and meetings with film directors.