Financing an internship abroad

Depending on your destination, there are many ways to finance your internship abroad.

La Rochelle Université helps students to finance their period of study abroad. A travel allowance is not given systematically and will not cover all of your expenses.

Note : It is the New Aquitaine region that manages your administrative files and the payment of your allowance.

Post-baccalaureate internship abroad(Europe and outside Europe)

Period : 2 weeks minimum

Beneficiary : Any student enrolled in an educational institution or vocational training programme in New Aquitaine, and undertaking as part of this programme a professional internship abroad.


  • All possible destinations(except French overseas departments)
  • Applications from international students for an internship in their country of origin will be refused.
  • Applications must be submitted before the start of the internship. Any application filed after the starting date of the internship will be automatically rejected

Destination : All countries

Payment Method : 80% at the beginning of the internship / 20% after the internship

Allowance :

  • 80€ per complete week
  • 100€ per week for students in receipt of a means-tested allowance.

Step 1 : Before departure

  • Find out about the terms, amounts awarded and the online procedure on the website of the New Aquitaine Region.
  • Create an account and apply for financial assistance.

Step 2:

Upload the following documents to the profile created on the Region’s website then request the host establishment complete the application.

  • CV
  • Bank account details
  • Copy of Identity card or resident permit for international students
  • Certificate attesting the award of a means-tested allowance
  • A copy of the internship contract signed by the 3 parties (student, host establishment, university department)
  • Tax assessment notice ( on the N-2 revenues)
  • Disability card (if applicable )

Step 3 : After internship

Upload the Certificate of Attendance (dated and signed, specifying the actual dates of the beginning and end of the internship) on the platform of the Region to collect the balance of the scholarship.

For further information, contact the Region:
email :
Phone : 05.49. 38.49.38


Period : 2 to 12 months

Beneficiary : Students who are citizens of the participating countries or enrolled in an educational institution located in one of the participating countries of Erasmus+.

Modalities :

  • Selected by your university/institution
  • Internship undertaken during your degree course in a Europeancompany
  • An Erasmus-internship scholarship cannot be combined with a Regional Discovery Scholarship for the same internship.
  • Applications from international students for an internship in their country of origin will be refused.

Destinations :

Group 1 : Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, United-Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland, Luxemburg.

Group 2 : Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic,Turkey, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania.

Payment Method : 80% at the beginning of the internship, 20% after the internship.

Allowance : 450€ per month for countries of group 1,400€ per month for the countries of group 2 (30 days)

Calculation : 1 month = 30 days; If the month is not finished: (450€ or 400€/30) x number of the internship days during the month.

Step 1 : At least one month before the beginning of the internship

Consult the application requirements on the Nouvelle-Aquitaine website.

Step 2 : Before leaving

  • Download and fill in all the registration forms at the bottom of the page on the Nouvelle-Aquitaine website – Section “Documents à télécharger”
  • Take the “contrat pédagogique avant la mobilité” (teaching contract prior to internship) duly signed by the host company to the International Office for the final signature
  • The International Office registers you for the OLS mandatory language test via the Mobility Tool app (for information only)
  • Before you leave the International Office will send you by email the internship agreement and an official certificate of approval
  • Apply on the platform and deposit these documents and the supporting documents on your profile

Step 3 : After the internship

  • Deposit the “contrat pédagogique après la mobilité” on the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine website to collect the balance of your allowance.
  • Complete the report at the end of your internship via the Mobility Tool (sent by mail at the end of your internship) and pass the second OLS test.

For more information, please contact the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region:

Phone :

or by email :

Are there other organizations that can provide funding ?

The International Office advises you to make enquires to the local authorities: Conseils Généraux (Charente-Maritime, Charente, Vienne) and the municipal authorities.

Contact The International Office +33(0)5 46 45 87 47

Open :
Tuesday-Friday : 9am-12am / 13:30pm-16pm
Closed : on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons