Specific Arrangements

Depending on your disability situation, specific arrangements can be made. Each situation is assessed in order to find a suitable solution.

Equipment :

  • Loan of laptops with special software
  • Micro HF
  • Writing tablet for use in a wheelchair
  • Wheelchair for field visits
  • Comfortable seating in lecture halls

Personal Assistance :

  • Note taker who will upload notes to the Moodle Platform
  • Secretary for exams
  • Teaching assistant
  • Tutor to help you settle into the university

Organisational Planning :

  • Schedule Planning
  • Extension of book loans from the University Library
  • Curriculum Planning

 Specific planning for exams :

As a student with a disability or a disabling illness, you are entitled to specific arrangements for your studies and exams. To assess your needs, don’t hesitate to contact the disability counsellor !

This list is not exhaustive : we will define your specific needs with you to help you succeed in your studies !