Helpful services

Preventive medicine, adapted housing, specific forms of transport … Find the services in La Rochelle that can help you in your daily life depending on your disability situation.

Relais Handicap at the University

The Relais Handicap is your essential entry point. It will provide all the advice you need through the following services:

University Health Service

The University Health Service welcomes you for free consultations. A team of professionals is at your disposal: doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers.

Suitable Accommodation

The CROUS premises (accommodation and catering) are accessible to students with disabilities. Enquiries can be made at the Relais Handicap and visits can be organized. The ARPAE also provides suitable accommodation. You can make enquiries to the services.

Suitable transportation

People with reduced mobility can benefit from Isigo – Yelo, a minibus service designed speifically to help you get around in the Community of the Conglomeration of La Rochelle.

Personal accompaniment

The Handicap Information Point of the CCAS La Rochelle accompanies you in youreveryday life

Contact Disability Service

Open :
Monday - Friday : 9 am - 12:15 am / 1:30 pm - 4:15 pm