Certifications: DELF / DALF

Do you want to obtain a certification of your level in French in La Rochelle? The IUL-FLE is one of the official exam centres for certification in DELF (French Language Studies Diploma) and DALF (Advanced French Language Diploma).

What is DELF/DALF ?

An international certification

The DELF (Diploma in French Language Studies) and DALF (Advanced French Language Diploma) are official diplomas awarded by the French Ministry, and are valid for life. They certify the level in French of international students.

These certifications allow international applicants to study, work in France and / or obtain French nationality.


  • The DELF : certifies your French skills from beginner to intermediate level (A1 to B2). It is designed for learners who wish to obtain a certification for their level in French for professional or personal reasons.
  • The DALF : certifies your French skills at an advanced level (C1 / C2). It is intended for experienced learners who have a very good command of the language. The DALF is the highest grade for certification in French. It shows an advanced level that is particularly useful for professionals.

The DELF B2 or the DALF provide direct access to French universities and to a large number of French-speaking European universities. They certify a level in French (B2 or C1) that is an entry requirement!

What is the DELF/DALF test ?

DELF/DALF tests are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECRL). The test you choose to take will depend on your level. DELF/DALF tests have6 levels :

  • DELF A1 (Absolute beginner)
  • DELF A2 (Beginner)
  • DELF B1 (Intermediate)
  • DELF B2 (Upper Intermediate)
  • DELF C1 (Advanced)

DELF/DALF assesses 4 skills :

  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Writing comprehension
  • Writing expression

Preparation for the DELF/DALF


Whatever your level in French, the IUL-FLE accepts all applications for the DELF/DALF.

If you are an independent candidate :

To obtain the DELF / DALF is to obtain a national qualification valid for life and recognized worldwide. To maximise your chances, you should choose a level that you have already acquired !

If you are a student at the IUL-FLE :

The IUL-FLE is committed to helping you pass the exam. Depending on your aims and your syllabus, the IUL-FLE team will advise you on the appropriate level of examination to improve your chances of success.

How to improve your chances of success ?

  • Become familiar with the tests so that you arrive at the examrelaxed and focused.
  • Take the time to read the instructions and analyse the subject, to avoid going off topic
  • If you do not understand a question, it is ok! , Go to the next question!
  • For the oral exam, don’t hesitate to repeat, rephrase a question or ask the examiner to speak more slowly.

How to prepare the DELF/DALF exam ?

La Rochelle Université can help you prepare for the DELF/DALF indifferent ways

Enrolling in the IUL-FLE will also maximise your chance of successin the DELF/DALF.

There are lots of open accessresources available to help candidates :

For more exercises : See the DELF/DAF exam questions

DELF/DALF registration

Next sessions:

  • 06/07/08 December 2023 / Deadline : 17 November 2023
  • 13/14/15 March 2024 / Deadline : 13 February 2024
  • 22/23/24 May 2024 / Deadline : 26 April 2024
  • 04/05/06 December 2024 / Deadline : to be defined later

Candidates can call in on different days.

              Prices :

  • DELF A1/A2 : 90€
  • DELF B1/B2 : 115€
  • DALF C1 : 145 €

The registration fees are not refundable under any circumstances. The registration form and the list of documents to be provided can be found below.