Duals degrees

La Rochelle University promotes the creation of dual degrees, an undeniable asset for your career prospects.

What is a dual degree ?

A dual degree allows a student to complete part of his / her studies in a partner institution and to obtain both the diploma of the home university as well as that of the host university.

On the basis of an agreement signed by two institutions, students taking this particular programme study at both universities and take similar courses.

La Rochelle Université and its partners :

The policy of La Rochelle Universit is to develop dual degrees with partner institutions around the world. Many students from La Rochelle and abroad have already participated in this type of exchange, including:

How to apply ?

Find dual degrees and international exchanges on this webpage.

Contact The International Office +33(0)5 46 45 87 47

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Tuesday-Friday : 9am-12am / 13:30pm-16pm
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