As an exchange student, you can select a degree course from our prospectus which fits best with your academic and professional aspirations.

Exchange students can freely choose their courses from our prospectus and this will be included in the study contract.

French as a foreign language

The Institute of French as a Foreign Language (IUL-FLE)  offers foreign students the opportunity to improve their level of French. Any student enrolled at La Rochelle Université as part of an exchange program has free access to 6 hours of classes in French as a Foreign Language per week, giving them 6 ECTS credits per semester.

Our classes open to exchange students in French and English language:

Our classes open to exchange students

Full semesters taught in English (postgraduate)

Coastal ecology and environmental management

Geosciences and Coastal geophysics

Engineering: materials for renewable energies

Mathematics and Computer Sciences / Artificial Intelligence

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Open :
Tuesday-Friday : 9am-12am / 13:30pm-16pm
Closed : on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons