Screening and Addiction

The Health Service provides free consultations for students for screening or addiction-related problems.

Free and Anonymous Screening

The Health Services provides anonymous testing for AIDS and Hepatitis B and C. The medical team is accompaniedbythe staff of the “Centre Gratuit de Depistage et DIagnostiques” (Free Screening and Diagnostics Centre).

The terms are as follows :

  • Open to all students
  • Free but limited number of places
  • Without an appointment: A secretary takesyourcontact details before placing you on a waiting list for the screening.

Screening all through the year in La Rochelle

Opening Hours, Address, Phone number, find all the information concerning the “Centre Gratuit d’Information, de dépistage et Diagnostic” (CeGIDD).

Free Consultation for Addiction-related problems

Occasionally, the university health service offers free consultations with a clinical psychologist to deal with addictions and is intended for students concerned, directly or indirectly, with a problem of dependence on a product (cannabis, cocaine, heroin) or behavior (video games, internet, games, etc.), money, eating disorders).

The purpose of this consultation is to provide specialized professional help and advice and, where appropriate, to suggest appropriate care and / or guidance.

Note : Appointments cannot be made by mail

Contact Student Medical Service +33(0)5 46 45 84 46

Monday and Wednesday: 9am-12:30am / 1:30pm-5pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 9am-12:30am/ 1:30pm-5:30pm
Friday: 9am-12:30am/ 1:30pm-4:30pm